Monster Hunters

Chapter 2 - Sir Mosely's Grand Ball

Selwyn has learned from his investigation that most of the murders that have been happening in the city have been occurring near the arts district. Moreover, Sophie goes to the palace, and speaks with the head of housekeeping, and learns that Rada was never at the palace, and had sent a messenger saying that she was quite ill.

Sophie learns the location of Rada’s home, and goes to visit. After some cajoling, Sophie learns from Rada that she and Sir Paterjee had been having an affair, and that he was going to take her to England with her. Rada confirms that she had not been at the palace all day.

That evening, the grand ball in honor of Sir Mosely begins; it is a very fine party. Of particular interest is the large ivory statue that had been the instrument of Sir Paterjee’s death, which is now on display in the center of the affair. Sir Mosely sees a large snake-like creature briefly speaking with the Grand Vizier, before disappearing. He then speaks with the Grand Vizier himself. Selwyn arrives at the ball and blends into the background, keeping an eye out for Kopi or Madhukar to arrive. Finally, Sophie arrives about 30 minutes late, due to her visit with Rada.

Chief Lieutenant Udit Paratha approaches Sophie and Sir Mosely, asking for any sign of Selwyn; apparently, Udit had received an anonymous report that Selwyn had been seen at the scene of some destruction, where three thugs and some significant structural damage had been caused in the warehouse district. Sir Mosely intimidates Udit into silence, threatening him with repercussions if Udit continues to place the agents of the Crown under suspicion.

Meanwhile, Selwyn sees the entrance of Madhukar, and follows him around. He learns that the artist is harboring some vendetta against the British, and then Madhukar spots him and begins to chat with him. During the course of the conversation, Selwyn manages to insult Madhukar, who shouts angrily, causing a scene. Madhukar storms off to find Chief Lieutenant Udit, pointing and gesturing at Selwyn.

Sir Mosely moves over to intercept Madhukar, but by the time he arrives, Madhukar has disappeared. Sir Mosely suspects an elderly woman, and pulls her into an alcove where he proceeds to strip her of her clothes. Sophie and Selwyn both approach as the elderly woman transforms into an exceedingly attractive—and now mostly naked—young woman. Simultaneously, Sir Mosely’s tiger statue and the large ivory statue in the middle come to life. The tiger statue claws and gores at Sir Mosely’s face, while the Ganesha in the middle begins to trample the crowd as it makes a beeline for Sir Mosely.

Selwyn intercepts the ivory elephant statue and damages it severely, while Sophie and Sir Mosely attempt to bind the young woman. The woman finally turns into a large beast with four arms. The beast resists the attempts to bind it, but Sir Mosely finally distracts it by provoking it into drinking the large quantities of human blood that have been spilled by the elephant statue. Finally, Sophie shoots it in the back of the head, killing the rakshasa for good.



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