Monster Hunters

Chapter 3 - Monkeys, Monkeys, Monkeys!

Selwyn leaves early in the morning to investigate Madhukar’s shop; it’s an old, creepy place with lots of ivory sculptures. As he’s investigating, he finds a journal of Madhukar’s where he rants and raves about the new religion the foreigners are bringing to India. He also finds mention of two other names that appear repeatedly: Shruti and Chudumani. While he is investigating the journal, a small monkey appears from nowhere and steals his signet ring.

Sophie visits Rada the following morning, and promises to try to get her on the return journey to England. Rada is doing better than the day before, but is still pretty broken up.

Sir Mosely meets with Sir Potter about Potter’s clandestine shipment; there are five wooden crates that smell horrible in the back of a warehouse. At first, Sir Potter refuses to show the contents of the crates to Sir Mosely, but Sir Mosely threatens him and learns that Sir Potter is under a great deal of gambling debt and had taken this job to pay off his debts. The crates were for delivery to a Baron Strange in England. Sir Mosely promises to take care of all of Sir Potter’s debts, and opens a crate to find it packed full of mummified monkeys.

Sir Mosely takes a monkey, as well as some of the embalming fluid, which he does not recognize—-it is not the normal liquid one would use to preserve corpses, however. He also gathers several letters from Sir Potter that describe the location and meeting plans for dropping off the cargo.

Back at the palace, Sophie and Sir Mosely are investigating the monkey, when Selwyn appears. Selwyn quickly identifies the liquid as a magical liquid that is used most often in necromantic rituals. Sophie is performing an autopsy when the monkey springs (back) to life and attacks. It is surprisingly vicious, but the party manages to fend off its attack and kill it (again). Selwyn rushes to a high tower to see if the other monkeys at the dock have come to life, but all is still for now.



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