Monster Hunters

Chapter 6 - The Sleeping Dragon

Sir Mosely spends some time interviewing for a new manservant, and also spends some time “interviewing” the ladies. Sophie goes out hunting for training hornets, and Selwyn spends time in the libraries researching the third rakshasa. A few days pass uneventfully.

However, one day after Sophie returns from the nearby jungles, her friend Amal, the manager of the docks comes up to ask about all the treasure that Sophie had recently found. He’s not particularly subtle about it, and a few heads turn in the cafe where they’re conversing. He asks for Sophie’s help in hunting the remaining treasure, and she tells him she’ll think about it.

Selwyn isn’t able to find too much information about the third rakshasa, despite finding many subtle clues about the previous two demons. In fact, it looks like perhaps the information has been systematically removed from the palace libraries. A few inquiries later, and Selwyn has a name: Janak, an old caretaker who’s been around forever, but nobody seems to remember seeing. He apparently only comes in late at night.

After Sir Mosely hires his new manservant, a young man named Satish with a good head on his shoulders, one of the palace maids comes to inform him that the Grand Vizier has been struck with a coma. Sir Mosely goes to investigate, and finds Sir Potter, Chief Lieutenant Udit, and a comely doctor named Brinda, alongside a few guards. Sir Mosely shoves Udit out of the way after he tries to prevent Sir Mosely from accessing the Grand Vizier’s chambers. He discusses with Brinda the Grand Vizier’s condition, but neither can find any physical sign of foul play. Brinda asks him out to dinner later that evening.

Messengers are sent to find Sophie and Selwyn, who both arrive and also examine the Grand Vizier. As Selwyn pulls open one of the VIzier’s eyelids, he is struck and paralyzed by a demonic force on the other side. He is frozen for thirty seconds or so before he is released.

Some more discussion ensues, and the three split up to do some more research. Sophie heads out to speak with her mystic friends to see if any other occurences have happened. Mina the Mystic knows nothing, but has a vague feeling that the creature behind this is ancient—far older than the city. Sophie also goes out on the town and discovers that a few other people have recently fallen ill, and they appear to be clustered around the palace.

Selwyn returns to the library to research sleeping illnesses, and discovers that similar reports have plagued the city ever since it has begun, but they’re allkept relatively quiet. He then begins his night-long vigil to wait for Janak.

Finally, Sir Mosely meets up with Brinda for dinner and a night of companionship. He wakes up in the middle of the night after a terrifying nightmare, which still makes him shudder. He also discovers that his companion Brinda has fallen fast asleep and will not wake up.



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