Monster Hunters

Character Creation

Selwyn’s History

In London, Selwyn is running across the rooftops and just got shot in the leg by one of the five or six guys behind him. And then, he runs out of rooftop! He turns around to face his foes, strikes the roof tiles in just the right place and all the tiles slide off and they tumble into Sir Merlyn’s garden. One of his foes gets eaten by a man-eating plant. He has a conversation with Sir Merlyn in the middle of a gunfight. Then Sophie falls off the roof. “There was a roof here last week!” she says. Some more gunfire is exchanged. Sophie is chasing a rare pterodactyl, which has come from the Americas (thunder birds). Sophie hears the bird in the bushes and runs off, and Sir Merlyn agrees to clean up the bodies to let Selwyn make his escape.

Sophie’s History

Sophie has returned from an expedition in Persia. It’s the grand reveal of her new “pet” manticore. It’s the first creature that made it all the way back under Sophie’s care. She introduces herself to Sir Merlyn, who thinks Sophie’s husband is the one who captured the beast. To Merlyn’s shock, Sophie goes up on stage to give the speech and to reveal “Manny the Manticore”, when she notices that the lock on the manticore’s cage is undone. The manticore lunges out, and Sophie is trying to hold the door against the manticore before it escapes. As it bursts out, Selwyn ducks out of the way of its volley of barbs, and leaves the room. Merlyn fires at it and injures it, but Sophie is able to calm it down and get it out of the room before Merlyn is able to get a second shot.

Sir Merlyn’s History

Sir Merlyn is en route to India with Sophie and Selwyn. He calls the others to his cabin and says “I haven’t been completely honest with you about the purpose of our expedition.” Selwyn interrupts and begins talking about the plague of creatures invading the region. He rambles about demons and rakshasas for a while, but Mosely states that the rakshasas guard riches. He’s also curious why this has started happening now. Sophie mentions old lore of cyclical occurences. Mosely reveals that he has been charged by the king to eradicate this threat in the name of the Empire. “This expedition is not without it’s—” and noises from above-decks interrupts. They go to investigate, and they see a storm of epic proportions whipping up and great tentacled sea creatures with googly eyes climbing over the deck. Mosely fires through one of the ghostly beings, and Sophie starts singing. Selwyn cuts the line and the sails knock the creatures off the boat. The ship is beset by a storm for the next three days and nights, before safely arriving in Surat.



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