The default stunts in Fate Core are all fair game, except where noted below (each of the Skill pages in Fate Core list associated stunts). If there’s something you’d like to be able to do that isn’t listed, we can make a custom Stunt for it.

Modifications and clarifications to the default Stunts:


Sprinter: You may still take an action after you have moved two zones


Smuggler: You may use your Burglary skill to hide objects on your person or in a hidden compartment on a mode of transportation that you are taking. You gain a +2 bonus on any checks to do so.


Invocation of Beauty: You may make a Craftsmanship roll when you create an object or piece of art to inspire, distract, or otherwise manipulate the emotions of the users or viewers of the object or artwork.
Surgical Strikes: As written, I don’t see this Stunt coming up very much. You’re welcome to take it, or talk about a way to tweak it for your character to be more effective.


Gears and Switches: Spend a fate point to immediately understand the inner workings of a particular device or object.


You’ll need to justify your use of lore in a Stunt as it relates to your particular Lore focus

Religion (Christianity)

Prayer of Guidance: If you have a few minutes to pray, you may spend a Fate Point and ask the GM one yes/no question. The GM may spend a Fate Point to refuse to answer; if not, the GM must answer truthfully.
Prayer of Healing: If you have a few minutes to pray, you may spend a Fate Point to immediately reduce the severity of a consequence by one level (e.g., from Major to Moderate). A consequence cannot be reduced more than once with this ability.

Religion (Islam)

Sacrifice of Fasting: If you do not eat any food for a day, your character gains a +1 bonus to Empathy, Notice, and Willpower for that day. You also gain a minor consequence of “Fasting”. If you fast for two consecutive days, your bonus increases to +2 bonus, but the consequence level increases to Moderate, and fasting for three or more consecutive days gives a +4 bonus but a Major consequence. After you have eaten for a full day, your consequence goes away.
Sacrifice of Giving: When you make a Resources roll, you may choose to take a -2 penalty. If you succeed on your roll, you gain a free invoke on an aspect of your choice.

Religion (Hindu)

Karmic Boost: Once per session, you may gain an automatic +2 or re-roll, as though you had invoked an aspect, without spending a Fate Point. You do not have to invoke any particular aspect to gain this bonus. In the following scene, the GM gains one additional Fate Point to spend.
The Meditation of Self: Once per session, when the GM invokes one of your character aspects as a compel and you do not reject the compel, you gain a free invoke on that aspect that can be used at some later time.


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