Monster Hunters

Chapter 4 - The Monkey Palace

Shortly after the dead- and come-back-to-life monkey is killed again, the group hears the sounds of a struggle coming from next door—-Footsie’s room. Then, they here a yelp and a popping sound. Sir Mosely dashes next door and discovers the door is wide open and Footsie is gone. Selwyn continues analyzing Madhukar’s journal, and finds a few references to a jungle palace, which he recognizes from some of his readings.

Meanwhile, next door, Sophie notices a small monkey is in Footsie’s room, and finds a small note attached; the wax seal on the note has been stamped with Selwyn’s ring. Inside is a note from Chudumani, informing Sir Mosely that Footsie has been taken in exchange for the monkey Mosely took, and letting Sir Mosely know that if he wants Footsie back he has about 6 hours to get out to the jungle palace.

The party makes some plans; Sir Mosely hires some guards and an elephant for transportation. Sophie builds a catch-all monkey harness to keep control of the small monkey messenger. Then they head out. Selwyn procures a large barrel of gunpowder from the palace armory.

After some hours of journeying in the dark, they finally arrive at the jungle palace, where Selwyn “forgets” to warn Sophie about a pit just as she falls in. Sophie’s able to use her monkey harness as a parachute to avoid taking damage. One of the guards dies.

They begin exploring the temple, and Selwyn goes off on his own while Sophie and Sir Mosely are side-tracked by the sound of sirens, and decide to investigate. The sirens turn out to be a trap, and poison darts shoot out at them. They evade them, but one of the guards accompanying them dies.

Selwyn finds a large room that is packed with monkeys. On the far side of the room, he sees Footsie, bound to an altar. He tosses the barrel of gunpowder in and ducks as the entire room blows itself sky-high. The guard accompanying him is killed, though Selwyn evades getting crushed by any of the falling rock. Footsie is not so lucky.

Sir Mosely and Sophie are trapped in the room, but are freed as an enormous explosion shakes the area. The last guard dies. They meet up with Selwyn and learn that he has killed Footsie.



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