Monster Hunters

Chapter 5 - Chudumani's Downfall

Sophie heads across the pile of rubble to investigate whether Footsie is really dead, or to find out any information about what happened to him. As she is going, the rubble is shifting and moving strangly underneath her. She nearly falls, but catches her feet at the last minute. “I’m all right!” she signals to Sir Mosely and Selwyn, who are engaged in a death glare contest.

Selwyn investigates the rubble, and discovers that the monkeys he blew to pieces are still moving, and are trying to crawl out of the rubble. Sir Mosely continues the death glare contest, and wins wihtout too much trouble.

Sophie discovers the body of Footsie, and Sir Mosely goes to help take care of him and prepare him for burial. The party hears a popping sound, and Sir Mosely sees a large creature hulking in the shadows. Some of the monkeys crawl out of the rubble and begin to stare at them, but do not attack.

A deep, low voice begins laughing at the party, and threatening them. SIr Mosely fires a shot off at the hulking creature, and wings him, but then he teleports away. Selwyn hides and begins drawing a binding circle which he plans to lure the rakshaka into, and prevent him from leaving. Sir Mosely plays golf with a few of the monkey heads, who briefly attack, and then run a short distance away and resume staring at the party.

The voice begins talking again from a different location. Sophie begins using her monkey harness to start a fire. The rakshasa teleports again, this time right next to Selwyn, in the form of a large, hulking gorilla towering over his head. Sir Mosely gets a shot off, but due to some trickery on the part of the rakshasa, hits Selwyn instead of the demon.

Selwyn finishes his binding circle, and engages in melee combat with the demon, who is now contained in the circle next to him. Sophie continues building her fire, and Sir Mosely watches in amusement as Selwyn gets pummeled by the gorilla several times. Finally, Sir Mosely strides up and finishes the beast with a pair of flaming torches. The remaining monkeys are burned by the fire.

The party finds a small collection of treasure in the beast’s lair, along with Selwyn’s signet ring. When they return to town, Selwyn takes care of the crates of monkeys, harvesting the preserving liquid from them in an attempt to pursue the necromantic arts. Sophie uses part of the treasure to buy Rada passage back to England, and Sir Mosely plots against Selwyn. He also hires a new man-servant for the remainder of his time in India.



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